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Pastor Carl H. Stevens Jr. (November 4, 1929 – June 3, 2008)

Carl H. Stevens Jr.

was an American pastor. He was called into the Lord’s service from the young age of 23, when he became a believer in Christ after his wife led him to the Lord. From that point on he dedicated his life’s work towards the study of Jesus and the Lord’s Word, and to the ministry that would follow.

A farm boy born in West Sumner, Maine, in 1929, and raised by his widowed mother from the age of 3, he understood hardship. But through perseverance and grace he cultivated and founded several churches with ministries and missions that spanned several continents.

Pastor Steven’s first outreach began in the Christian Talk Radio show. His involvement there began in the 1960’s when he started making guest appearances on the Telephone Time program in New England. Soon he became the show’s full-time host and continued to be involved for decades.

In 1972 he founded the Northeast School of the Bible in Maine. As the college grew, so did the ministry. In 1976, Pastor Steven’s founded “The Bible Speaks” in Lenox, Massachusetts. What followed was a flurry of growth. From The Bible Speaks he was able to establish one of the largest bus ministries and Sunday School in New England, after which his ministry went all over the world.

Outreach. Baltimore proved to be fertile ground for his ministry as it continued to grow. The Maryland Bible College and Seminary was founded in Baltimore, and Pastor Stevens was instrumental in training pastors, missionaries, and servants on how to answer the call globally.

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